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Back to Business as Usual
Somalia`s Election Farce
September 18, 2012


While the international media might trumpet “Somalia`s First Free and Fair Elections in 50 Years” reality on the ground in Mogadishu reveals a truly grand farce of an “election” process.

First of all, the so called “Members of Parliament”, most of whom flew in from their foreign homes for the “election” (the newly “elected” President is camped out in a hotel where he escaped assassination just days after his inauguration) were not elected by anyone, rather appointed by a panel chosen by the previously western installed puppet regime.

That`s right, no one in Somalia actually voted for anyone who chose the new President of Somalia, though the position is little more than Mayor of the foreign army occupied former capital of Somalia, Mogadishu.

Secondly, it was the African Union army occupying Mogadishu and its immediate surrounds that had to provide security for the “election” for even the most trusted of the so called Somali Army and Police are apparently incapable of protecting the fly by night “Members of Parliament” who participated in this dog and pony show.

Insecurity was so rife that all of the foreign big wigs present were wearing bullet proof vests even in the supposedly secure environs of the election hall.

The outgoing government, headed by one Sheik Sharif was too corrupt to be tolerated by the gathered assembly with the truth challenged UN Monitoring Group for Somalia leaking the “secret” portion of its report on how he and his cronies has stolen hundreds of million$ of aid supposedly meant to feed the millions of starving Somali`s suffering from the worst drought in 60 years.

The defeated “President” Sharif began his rise to infamy as titular head of the Union of Islamic Courts, the nationalist, Islamic organization that brought peace to Mogadishu in 2006 and was driven from power by the USA instigated Ethiopian invasion that year.

After being forced from power by the Ethiopians Sheik Sharif was listed by the USA as an “Al Qaeda linked terrorist” and was on a most wanted list of international criminals. Then the world went to sleep one night with Sheik Sharif a terrorist and woke up the next morning to the announcement that he was now the “democratically elected President of Somalia”, elected in Djibouti that is by a hand picked mob of “Members of Parliament” under the watchful eye of the CIA and the US Army in Djibouti`s Camp Lemmoniere.

Apparently the irony that Sheik Sharif was once an “Al Qaeda linked terrorist” unfit to hold office in Somalia and then overnight transformed into the “democratically elected President of Somalia” was cause for the sort of selective amnesia the international media practices when it comes to the Horn of Africa and Somalia in particular.

Today its back to business as usual as the new Somali “MP`s” begin boarding planes to return to their homes abroad, the 20,000 strong African Union army occupying Mogadishu goes about its business of trying to defend itself from the guerilla attacks of the Al Shabab lead Somali resistance and the world will once again forget about the fact that millions of Somalis live in utter destitution, most of which has been directly caused by the very AU “peacekeepers” supposedly meant to protect them.

Thomas C. Mountain is the most widely distributed independent journalist in Africa, living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. His interviews on Somalia can be seen on RTTV and PressTV. He can be reached at thomascmountain at yahoo dot com.

Eritrea scoffs at talk of elections in Somalia
BBC Monitoring Newsfile
August 15, 2012


Text of statement issued by Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 15 August, published in English by Eritrean Ministry of Information`s Shabait website on 15 August, titled: A Joke Worth Denunciation “Enough is Enough!”

As of late, rumours have been circulating as regards the so-called election scheduled to take place in Mogadishu [Somalia].

“Somalia on the path to democracy”; “change would come through democracy”; “an election being conducted under better circumstances”; “it is an election due to take place at a time when the transitional government is in control of large portion of Somali territory”; “Mr X has been nominated”; “Mr Y would run for the election”; “this time is better than the previous one”; “and the support of the international community is currently on the rise”; etc. The rumours are boundless; the deliberate means employed to propagate them along with the sophisticated tactics, too, are drawing attention, all these to the gullible!

The basic question has nothing to do with which transitional authority assumes power and which one loses. Neither is it that of “democracy” or “change” or “which entity commands military control”, nor is it about “which side is better than the other”.

Whether or not the international community gives endorsement, after all, there exists the supremacy of law and the UN Charter, the basis of which ruling is “respect to Somalia`s sovereignty and territorial integrity” that the UN Security Council itself adopted on 6 December 2006 through Resolution 1725, thus upholding the inalienable right of the Somali people. But when talking of “Somali elections”, there obviously arises objective questions that should be raised. Does a sovereign Somalia exist at all? What about Somalia whose territorial integrity has been ensured? How about a united and independent Somali nation? By the same token, what about the role of Somaliland in the so-called elections to be conducted in the name of Somalia? What about Puntland? or the prevailing circumstances pertaining to the larger portion of Somali territory outside Puntland, Somaliland and the area under the control of the so-called provisional government?

Equally worth mentioning is the fact that the so-called election in Mogadishu under the guise of “search for democracy” is taking place at a time when about 2.5 million Somalis (excluding Somaliland and Puntland) are exposed to acute hunger. It is also worth noting that there exists rampant corruption at the level of the so-called state administration and economy, as well as “external aid”.

The authors, sponsors and propagators of such old, disgusting and repeated ploys are those forces that have been engaged in countless manoeuvres with a view to sabotaging aspirations for building a sovereign and united state of Somalia.

In this regard, those quarters that have been taking advantage of the prevailing crisis to enrich themselves [and] have also been pretending to fight terrorism despite the fact that they have been creating the groundwork for extremism and piracy. Nonetheless, the same quarters could not manage to cover up their sinister acts of undermining peace, stability and cooperation in the Horn [of Africa] region as a whole through instigating crisis situations even beyond Somalia itself. In this respect, resort is being made by these same forces to employ the so-called provisional Somali government as a cover for their ominous manoeuvres.

It should be borne in mind that one should not fall victim to the futile diversionary ploys of such forces keen to bypass the main and basic issues at hand.

Under the circumstances, the main focus should be ensuring Somalia`s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as the unity of its people through laying bare the sinister acts of those same quarters, and thereby promoting peace, stability and cooperation in the entire Horn region. Moreover, concerted action should be taken towards enabling the Somali people to embark on wide-ranging and participatory political process.

Hence, the people of Somalia, the entire political forces in the country and justice-seeking people worldwide are called upon to declare: “Enough to joke!” through heeding the maxim “Fooled once, shame on you, fooled twice shame on me.”

[Issued by] Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Asmara, 15 August 2012.
Source: Shabait website, Asmara, in English 15 Aug 12

© 2012 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Eritrea terms efforts to save Somali government “cheap dramas”
BBC Monitoring
July 14, 2009

UN special representative to Somalia Ahmedu Ould Abdallah (L) speaks with EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana during a meeting at the EU headquarters in Brussels on July 10, 2009.

As the third attempt made to impose illegal “government” in Mogadishu has failed, a number of dramas have been [orchestrated] and continue to be orchestrated with a view to covering up the utter failure instead of working towards a fundamental and lasting solution for Somalia as a whole. The image that such cheap dramas seek to portray is that of attempting to present the Somali people`s opposition as an extension of external extremist agendas, as if there exists foreigners in the opposition, and as if arms are being shipped in from outside.

Resort has also been made to massive diplomatic and media campaign involving huge funding in a desperate attempt to justify this theatrical gimmick. Many media outlets too, either intentionally or inadvertently, did not refrain from covering the drama. Who is to believe and be misled by claims that the Somali people`s resistance “is employing external human resource” as if it lacked the requisite manpower and resilience? By the same token, which naive parties are to be misleading by claims that the Somali opposition forces are “amassing arms from outside” as if there are no enough arms in Somalia itself?

What is even most surprising is the fact that Eritrea is becoming the victim of all concocted and fabricated acts of lie and defamation.

The Somali people`s issue is essentially the renaissance of Somalia. The Somali people`s issue is not a question of extremists or non-extremists; the number of so-called extremists around the world and in this region far exceed the number of those said to be existing in Somalia.

In a situation where there exists no functioning state and government, law and order, as well as foreign intervention and warlords, it is not surprising to witness Somalia becoming a fertile ground for extremism.

Under the circumstances, it is imperative that the Somali people should be left alone to resolve their own problems themselves without any external interference rather than looking for any excuses to postpone a solution, and thus prolong their suffering.

[Issued by] Ministry of Information
Asmara, 12 July 2009.
Source: Shabait website, Asmara, in English 13 Jul 09

© 2009 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Eritrea says Somalis can only resolve country`s problem
By Ministry of Foreign Affairs
November 04, 2008

Text of press statement in English by Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Somali issue, republished by Eritrean Ministry of Information`s Shabait website on 4 November

In order to reach an agreement, which violates the territorial integrity of Somalia, dangerous and conspiratorial engagements, coordinated by the US Administration and the regime in Ethiopia, were recently held in Djibouti and Nairobi. This adventurous attempt to balkanize Somalia and install puppet regimes that would serve US and Ethiopian interests, and the destabilizing effect is not hard to discern. This latest spectacle, more than ever before, has exposed the Ethiopian regime`s servitude.

Knowing that the 6 December 2006 Security Council Resolution 1725 explicitly forbids the deployment of forces from neighbouring countries, the regime in Ethiopia, using the pretext of defending against a fabricated threat of terrorism from Somalia, and the thinly veiled claim of invitation by the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia (TFG), which is self created, with the full blessing and support of the Bush Administration and some neighbouring countries, carried out its blatant war of aggression. The invading army finds itself in an intractable quagmire, and the worsening insecurity and suffering of the people of Somalia`s remains ignored by the international community.

At this time, contrary to its initial boisterous entry into Somalia, the regime now finds itself in an intractable political debacle and is emaciated by incalculable human and material losses. In order to cover up its emaciation, at times it tries to put the blame on the TFG, and at other times, providing empty guarantees for peace and stability, like relocating its forces from Mogadishu and other towns, deploying its forces close to the border area, and making false promises to intervene when necessary, using the fabricated threats as an excuse, similar to the security agreement sought by the Americans in Iraq that gives the Americans the upper hand, is attempting to engineer a like mechanism that will allow it political and military interventions in sovereign Somali territory.

The regime in Ethiopia unilateral1y appoints and removes officials within the TFG, and in violation of the sovereignty and right to self determination of the Somali people has also gone to the extent of appointing cabinet ministers that would advance its own interests. This is unacceptable under any circumstance.

The government of Eritrea, underlining that the solution to the problems in Somalia can only be ensured through the determination, choice, and participation of the entire people of Somalia, is also certain that the conspiracies that are being weaved by Washington, with the servitude of the regime in Ethiopia, and facilitation of IGAD [Inter-Governmental Authority on Development], is doomed to fail.

The unconditional withdrawal of the invading Ethiopian army and all other foreign forces from Somali territories is vital. There is no doubt that the people of Somalia will unravel the conspiracies that are being weaved and challenge them accordingly, as they have done in the past.

[Issued by] Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Asmara 4 November 2008.

Source: Shabait website, Asmara, in English 4 Nov 08

Leaving the Somali People to Resolve Their Issue Themselves: the Only Solution
Oct 22, 2008

UN special representative to Somalia Ahmedu Ould Abdallah (L) speaks with EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana during a meeting at the EU headquarters in Brussels on July 10, 2009.

The invasion of the sovereign state of Somalia by external forces in gross violation of all international laws and principles is a shameful chapter in the history of the world that prides itself on its civilized laws and principles and modern philosophies of human rights. The massacre, destruction and displacement of innocent civilians that ensued after the invasion that was carried out in clear violation of the principles of the right to self-determination and the rule of law are by far the worst crimes on humanity in the 21st century.

The outcome of the ill-devised invasion has so far been nothing but failure and embarrassment. For two years the world has seen and heard the news of war, turmoil and human loss coming out of Mogadishu. Having entered into a quagmire of fire to please its masters, the TPLF regime is now in desperate search for a way out.

Realizing that they are immersed deeply in an inescapable quagmire, the quarters that invaded Somalia have been making attempts to divide and weaken Somali opposition forces in a bid to cover up their failures and shake off accountability for the crimes on humanity they committed on the Somali people. It is to be recalled that the ill-conceived so-called reconciliation attempts made by external powers in Djibouti had failed without accomplishing anything because they did not include the wishes and desires of the Somali people and their political forces. Yet, apparently having learned nothing from previous experience, the same quarters are now engaged in similar futile attempts in Kenya. However, there is one fact that these quarters have been unable to recognize or refuse to recognize, i.e., the primary reason why the afore-mentioned attempts could not success is because the initiative was not taken by the Somali people and their contents did not address Somali issues.

It is to be recalled that the Government of Eritrea had two years ago warned that the invasion of Somalia by the TPLF regime and the US Administration could only lead to an inescapable quagmire and that it will entail dangerous consequences on the Horn of Africa. The Eritrean government had also pointed out that the Somali issue should and could only be resolved by the Somalis themselves. But the warnings fell on deaf ears and the illegal invasion was carried out. In their attempt to cover up the failure they sustained in their initial erroneous measure through the use of excessive military force, these forces have in the past two years committed gross crimes on humanity against the Somali people which history will never forget. The Somali experience of the past two years in particular and what the world has learned regarding the US Administration and their agents in general is that their tactic of trying to redeem one mistake by another is only a march forward to failure and destruction. Repeating in Kenya the failed attempt for so-called reconciliation in Djibouti is a clear example of the aforementioned fact.

Although the US Administration and TPLF regime refuse to face facts as they are, their most formidable challenge in Somalia is the people`s own initiative for peace and reconciliation. Thus, it is clear that there is only one effective solution, i.e. to accept and respect the Somali people`s choice without interference. The problem is that of the Somalis and accepting the fact that it can only be resolved by the Somalis themselves would be a wise move. The only constructive role the international community can play is to encourage and create conducive grounds for the Somali people to come together and deliberate on their differences, and more importantly to respect Somalia`s territorial integrity!

Source: Shabait website, Asmara, in English 22 Oct 08





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