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Iran Editorial: World Powers `Fuel` Crisis in Arab Countries To Protect Israel
Jomhuri-ye Eslami Online
Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Editorial: "Worse Than a Cancerous Tumor"

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful!

A realistic assessment of the developments that are taking place in the Middle East and in a large part of the world of Islam confirms the notion that the situation is changing very rapidly in this part of the world. This assessment is based on three principles as follows:

1- What is happening in Syria is about to be used as a model and to be repeated in Iraq. Syria is now witnessing a rebellion, which is carried out by a group of armed individuals composed of 20 per cent from inside Syria and 80 per cent from outside. The latest reports indicate the presence of 5,000 Tunisian armed fighters in Syria, and there are other fighters from Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya, and Turkey involved in the war against the Syrian government. The terrorist Al-Qa`ida group, with its Salafi and Takfiri (extreme Sunni sects that view the Shi`as as apostates) ideology, is busy brainwashing both domestic and foreign forces that have been attracted to take part in the war, and it makes them believe that any action is permissible (mubah, an Islamic term referring to actions that are not compulsory but are recommended) for achieving their goals. Those perverted ideologies encourage the armed groups to engage in any action, including bloodshed, sexual violation, immoral activities, robbery, the confiscation of people`s properties, and any other action that would help them achieve their goals. As a result, they commit any crime without facing any prohibition, and they even spice those activities with the chant of All-o Akbar (God is great)!

Those who are active behind the scenes in Syria, believing that they will win the conflict in Syria according to their estimation, are already talking about moving to Iraq and committing the same crimes in that country. Domestic and foreign activities that have been recently intensified in Iraq demonstrate the evil intents of those people. As to which other country would be their next target if they achieve their aims in Syria and after doing what they wish to do in Iraq and if they succeed in their goals in those two countries is an important issue that we do not wish to deal with now and we will leave it to another time.

2- The vast fortunes that Al Saud and the sheikhs of Qatar are spending with the petrodollars that they have received in order to fan the flames of the crisis in Syria also aim to achieve other goals that are desired by America, England, France and the Zionist regime. Their common goal is to gain control of the popular revolutions in Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa in order to protect the dependent dictatorial regimes that are still left behind in those countries. Their other clear goal is to divert the course of the Islamic Awakening from its intended goals and to preoccupy the minds of the nations in the region with other issues. This would provide an opportunity to the corrupt kings and clans that are ruling over Arab countries to somehow escape from that wave (of Islamic Awakening) and even to take some steps in order to confiscate those revolutions in the service of their own goals.

Another important goal of that collection of countries is to protect the Zionist regime from the aftershocks of popular revolutions in Arab and North African countries. Although the Zionist regime has received heavy blows from the Lebanese Hizbullah and the people of Gaza and although its false aura (of invincibility) has been shattered, nevertheless, it is making a great deal of effort to regain its lost reputation, and it believes that delivering blows at the Resistance Front would be one way of achieving that goal. This is why a large part of the (Saudi) Arabian and Qatari petrodollars are being spent in order to deliver blows at the Lebanese Hizbullah and the Syrian government. Of course, the Islamic Republic of Iran will not remain immune from the propaganda and political blows delivered by those petrodollars either. The fact that the meeting of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council in Bahrain raises the issue of three Iranian islands (Abu-Musa and smaller and bigger Tumbs) and condemns the Syrian government but makes no reference to the Zionist regime is a part of the same offensive policy against Iran and in support of the regime that occupies Jerusalem.

3- Even more important and more dangerous than the two above-mentioned developments is the formation of a virulent move in the Arab world and among the followers of the Sunni sect to fan the flames of differences between the Sunnis and the Shi`is under the cover of revolutionary ideas and by confiscating the recent revolutions in Arab and North African countries. This move that is also being supported by the petrodollars of Al Saud and the sheikhs of Qatar and has been planned by Western powers and by the Zionists is trying to act in such a way that the "Islamic Awakening" would be turned to its opposite under the label of the "Arab Spring".

A special characteristic of the Islamic Awakening is to place Islam above all conflicts and differences and to establish the Koranic principles of Islamic unity and brotherhood in Islamic countries. This would cut off the hands of the domineering powers from Islamic assets and would enable Islamic nations in all countries to live with freedom, independence and dignity that is worthy of them. However, the movement that is desired by the domineering powers tries to confiscate the popular revolutions of the people of the region and to impose Salafi and Takfiri (extremist Sunni groups who regard the Shi`as as apostates) thinking on the countries that have carried out those revolutions and to spread those ideas to other countries. Their aim is to pave the way for an intense confrontation between the Shi`as and the Sunnis so that Western and Zionists interests in the region will be safeguarded.

Those who have planned that horrendous conspiracy have falsely claimed the title of revolutionary for their plot and they allege that the Islamic world is on the verge of a great revolutionary change based on Islamic ideology, and the Salafis claim that the Islamic umma (community) is about to return to the original beliefs in the early days of Islam and to get rid of all the impurities. They believe that any ideology, except that of the Salafis, is impure and they try to accuse all non-Salafi Islamic denominations of impurity. Of course, by brainwashing the youth and the ordinary people in other sects with the Salafi ideology, they are trying to plunge the Islamic umma into a deep and unprecedented conflict.

That movement has been already formed, and now it is trying to strengthen its pillars and to recruit its foot soldiers from among middle and lower class Muslims. In view of the developments in Syria and the crimes that have been committed by elements affiliated to that movement in that country, and in view of the suspicious efforts of that movement in the countries that have taken part in revolutions, it is clear that it intends to achieve power in those countries and to carry out its evil goals by making use of the lever of power. The influential classes in the Islamic umma, including religious scholars, university staff, writers and political activists, have a heavy responsibility in order to stop the advance of that movement that is worse than cancer. Dealing with this issue is one of the most fundamental duties and priorities of the members of the elite in the Islamic umma.

(Description of Source: Tehran Jomhuri-ye Eslami Online in Persian -- Website of conservative daily officially licensed to Supreme Leader Khamene`i, but aligned with Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani;

© Compiled and distributed by NTIS, US Dept. of Commerce. All rights reserved.

Iran Editorial Predicts Israel`s Approaching `Political, Social Collapse`
Jomhuri-ye Eslami Online
Monday, December 31, 2012

Unattributed editorial headlined: "The Time of Collapse Is Near"

In the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful

The results of the study that was carried out recently by an Israeli Institute showed that two thirds of the residents of occupied Palestine are concerned over the social, economic, and political collapse of the Zionist regime. Maybe if these research studies had been carried out by a non-Zionist organization, there would have been room for certain doubts about its results. But in view of the fact that it was carried out by an Israeli Institute, it received widespread coverage in political circles. The reality that the Zionist regime is on a course of decline has been proposed in various ways in international news and analyses for some time and the world has witnessed a decrease in the power of Zionism in recent years. The most perceptible and blatant example of this collapse and disruption is the inability of the Zionist regime`s army against Lebanon`s Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic resistance, the height of public opposition throughout the world against the Zionist regime`s aggressive policies, and differences and domestic conflicts among the parties within the Zionist regime.

Undoubtedly, time is now detrimental to the Zionist regime more than any other period and numerous evidence supports this issue. The public opinion of the residents of the occupied lands, who have been transferred from across the world to this region as Jewish immigrants, believes that the 33 day war, the 22 day war, and the recent strike on Gaza proved that Israel`s collapse is much closer than imagined. The aftershocks of this war resulted in the overthrow of two warmongering ministers from Benjamin Netanyahu`s barbaric and bloodthirsty cabinet, meaning the ministers for war and foreign affairs. The French newspaper Expression wrote: "For many years, Israel has acted like a rabid dog." Just as Moshe Dayan, the Zionist butcher also said: "Israel`s leaders must adopt a method to make Tel Aviv appear strong like a rabid dog and be considered a threat to others so that everybody would be scared of it and a place would be established for it in global equations." For many years, everybody acted according to this prescription but now, this old and decrepit dog has lost its aggression and to put it in more common terms, it is losing its power to bite as a result of its neighbors` expertise. Instead, this rabid dog has been imprisoned inside Israel and is scratching at the faces of the domestic parties or barking against its supporters. According to Martin van Creveld, a lecturer in one of Israel`s universities and the author of a book called The Transformation of War, Israel`s missiles are now targeting European capitals and have incredibly deprived the West, under whose support and silence Israel was engaged in the killing and plunder of Muslims and Palestinians, of security.

The Zionist regime`s less than pleasant conditions are such that they have even led to protests by the world`s most docile and impartial nation, meaning the Swiss and by the Swiss media that do not usually pay particular attention to these types of political and foreign issues; so much so that the newspaper Basler Zeitung, referring to raised public awareness and the anti-Israel feeling that has been created throughout the world, writes: "According to recent opinion polls, the majority of the people of European Union (EU) countries believe Israel to be the biggest threat to global peace and the situation in Switzerland is not particular different to that of the EU."

The same impression in the European people`s public opinion has led the German Nobel Prize for Literature winner Gunther Grass to present Israel as the biggest threat and danger to global peace and security in his most recent piece of writing. He has accused the Merkel government of being an accomplice in the crimes committed by the Zionist regime because despite opposition from the people of this country and conflicting public opinion, Germany has provided Israel with military weapons and equipment i ncluding special submarines for carrying missiles and nuclear warheads.

This feeling of danger and threat is not limited to the Europeans, and the Americans whose politicians have always been the main supporters of the Zionist regime`s crimes and continue to be so, have also realized this danger. Today, there is a rumor that certain US security organizations possess a report entitled "the Middle East`s readiness after Israel", which warns them that US national interests are fundamentally opposed to those of the Zionist regime. However, Israeli power lobbies in the United States including the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) have not allowed this report to be published and distributed. The report stipulates that not only billions of US tax dollars are sent to Israel every year, the latter has prevented the formation of natural ties between the United States and Arab and Islamic countries through its actions. At the end of this confidential 82 page report, the Zionist regime has been referred to as a regime that has been defeated in the issue of democracy and it has been admitted that continued US support for Israel as "a hated regime" will not bring about any difference.

Consequently, it appears that 60 years after the Zionist regime`s establishment, and the creation of this usurper and inauspicious entity, many realities have undergone change and deep transformations have taken place as far as general understanding and the nations` wills are concerned. It is true that since its formation, the usurper Israel has always acted outside the framework of the law, has trampled on international rights, held no value for UN resolutions, has not accepted membership in the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), has acted beyond the law, and most regrettable of all, it engages in killing and aggression every day, and to put it in one word, is toying with the global community and has appeared as a rabid dog threatening the international order, today, conditions have completely changed, and nations throughout the world have reached a level of understanding and awareness, where their voices are heard everywhere; so much so that the leaders of international Zionism have heard this warning bell and are shaking in their boots. It is not a simple matter when Western and Zionist officials explicitly confess that there is no longer any continuation of survival structures in Israel and the Zionist regime is on the verge of exhaustion, erosion, and collapse; although this reality cannot be easily accepted. We must wait for this event to happen; an event that is expected by those who are in the know. There is other evidence inside Israel that can also be considered as signs of the Zionist regime`s decline; factors such as the erosion of the social structure, unrest among the social classes, increased reverse immigration, the collapse of the national consensus theory, lack of certainty about the future, the political parties` failure to coexist, and continued resistance by the Palestinians and their strengthened fighting tools.

(Description of Source: Tehran Jomhuri-ye Eslami Online in Persian -- Website of conservative daily officially licensed to Supreme Leader Khamene`i, but aligned with Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani;

© Compiled and distributed by NTIS, US Dept. of Commerce. All rights reserved.


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