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Karzai appeals to Taleban: “come and talk to your brothers”
BBC Monitoring South Asia
June 28, 2013


Text of report by state-owned National Afghanistan TV on 27 June

[Presenter] President Hamed Karzai of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has appealed to the Taleban once again, saying that a stranger`s support is temporary [a Pashto adage] and let us get our soil rid of the strangers` conspiracies, work together towards ensuring nationwide peace, and thereby establish peace in a unitary and united Afghanistan.

[Karzai] In the name of God! Dear compatriots and esteemed sisters and brothers, hello.

The establishment of peace and stability in the country and hatred towards conflicts and war are the heartfelt demand of every child of this soil, because our people have suffered many bad days and bitter moments in the past several decades of war and insecurity, and they demand peace and security more than anything.

Dear compatriots, taking into consideration this important and fundamental wish of our people, we have made all possible efforts in the past 10 years to establish everlasting peace in Afghanistan so that our people will live in absolute peace and security.

Our people have given many sacrifices on the path of ensuring peace. Our religious scholars, tribal and political leaders, the general public and government officials were martyred and wounded, but our call for peace has not quietened, it rather strengthened. In order to accelerate and integrate peace efforts, we convened a consultative peace jerga [assembly], and based on the advice of the jerga, we set up the High Peace Council in order to integrate and continue peace talks. The first chairman of this council was Esteemed Martyr Ustad Borhanoddin Rabbani, who was martyred by the enemies of peace on this path.

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the High Peace Council have always and continuously asked the Taleban not to destroy their country in order to fulfil strangers` goals, not to kill themselves and their brothers, not to deprive the country`s children of education, to live calmly, prosperously and honourably in the arms of the country like other children of the country while enjoying all their civil and political rights and taking part in rebuilding of the country.

Dear sisters and brothers, we sincerely want peace and we are making efforts to establish it, but we will never let anyone to exploit our desires and struggle for peace and to weaken Afghanistan or impose feudalism on it in order to implement his goals. We are closely monitoring outsiders` activities and efforts and we are vigilant against them.

Esteemed compatriots, in order to start and continue regular peace talks with the Taleban through the High Peace Council of Afghanistan, we agreed with the US government on the opening of the Taleban office in Qatar. However, when the office was inaugurated, the issue turned out to be different and did not comply with our agreements. We strongly opposed this action and with the strong support of the people of Afghanistan and thanks God, we thwarted a conspiracy.

Here, I call on the Taleban brothers, particularly those Taleban brothers who are patriots, Afghans, and who want their own soil and are children of this soil, and tell them that the recent events would have shown them that a stranger`s support is temporary. Therefore, come and talk to your brothers in the country`s confident arms and discuss important issues closely among yourselves so that we will solve them with each other, so that we will free our soil from outsiders` conspiracies and so that we will make it our own and be proud of it.

God willing, we will certainly continue our efforts to achieve our final goal, which is ensuring permanent peace in Afghanistan, until permanent peace is ensured in the dear country and our people become prosperous. However, besides this desire, we will also closely keep an eye on the outsiders` activities and pay serious attention to our country`s national sovereignty, strong centralised government and national interests. We will never let anyone to weaken our soil nor to divide it among groups or to conquer it with his claws. As always, this soil, independent and ours, will be protected by the hands of its children. And it will be ours in a united manner.

Good-bye until next speech. I wish you happiness and success.

Source: National Afghanistan TV, Kabul, in Pashto 1530 gmt 27 Jun 13

© 2013 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Official reveals details of Afghan - US communication on Doha office
BBC Monitoring South Asia
June 28, 2013

Text of report by state-owned National Afghanistan TV on 27 June

[Presenter] In an exclusive article for the BBC Pashto, the Presidential Spokesman, Emal Faizi has revealed details of a letter written by the Afghan president to the US president after the opening of the Taleban office.

The Taleban office was inaugurated in Qatar on 18 June, but the Afghan government was not happy about the manner it was opened. This discontent has been expressed in President Karzai`s letter.

How was the Taleban office in Qatar discussed and opened?

In his article, Emal Faizi has written that President Karzai wrote in a letter to the US President, Barack Obama, on 19 June that the Taleban office was opened in such a way that was in absolute contradiction of Your Excellency`s letter which you sent to me on 14 June.

About details of a part of the 14 June letter, Mr Faizi has written that President Obama wrote to President Karzai that progress towards opening of the Taleban office in order to talk with the High Peace Council was promising for him.

It has been mentioned in the letter that the USA agrees with this opinion of the Afghan government that opening of the office should be aimed at negotiations between the High Peace Council and the Afghan Taleban. The letter has added that this office must not be regarded as an embassy or such an office that represents an emirate, government or the Taleban`s jurisdiction. The letter has stressed that this office and its employees must not be involved in preparing financial and other support for international terrorist groups, and in military activities and violence.

Mr Faizi has claimed in his article, however, that the Taleban office in Doha was opened in absolute contradiction with the guarantees given in President Obama`s letter. President Karzai`s letter to President Obama has stressed the Afghan soil`s integrity and wholeness, and Mr Faizi has mentioned this in his piece for the BBC Pashto.

Peace is the most important priority of the Afghan government and people. We welcomed opening of the Qatar office in order to get to peace, but not with a price that will threaten our country`s integrity, entirety, national unity and achievements of the past over a decade. The peace process must be Afghan-led. The Afghans must never allow the peace process to become a tool for strangers` goals. Talks in Qatar must be considered as the starting point of the peace process and other stages of the process must continue inside the country.

President Karzai has told Barack Obama in his letter that the killing of our people and security forces must stop after commencement of the peace talks. Emal Faizi said if the war expanded in Afghanistan after establishment of the Taleban office, and if a part of the Afghan soil is captured by the Taleban, it will be considered as a foreign aggression by Afghanistan and in that case, Afghanistan will take serious action against the aggressor country.

Details of President Karzai`s letter to President Obama are revealed at a time when both presidents spoke for an unprecedented 90 minutes in a videoconference on Tuesday [25 Jun 13].

Source: National Afghanistan TV, Kabul, in Pashto 1530 gmt 27 Jun 13

© 2013 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Taleban office should not be used for anti-Afghanistan activities-paper
BBC Monitoring South Asia
June 28, 2013

Text of editorial in Dari headlined “ Taleban should not be deceived by ominous objectives and conspiracies of enemies of Afghans in peace talks “ published in state-run afghan daily Hewad on 25 Jun

The issue of opening of the Taleban`s office in Doha, the capital of Qatar, has been on top of heated discussions of the regional and international media, political gatherings and other networks.

This has attracted further attention of the Afghan government, countries of the region and the world as well as the regional and international organizations. In this process, the signboard in the name of the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan as well as the waving white flag over the building of the Taleban`s office in Qatar strongly annoyed the Afghan government.

As a result, such sudden and unpredicted situations and conspiracies negatively impacted the Afghan government`s stance on peace talks with its opponents and the government suspended the fourth phase of negotiations over the Afghan-US security pact. Also, such actions and conspiracies by the Taleban against the conditions and guarantees of the Afghan government, which were accepted by the US, forced the government to announce that it will not participate in the planned peace talks in Qatar. It also forced the Afghan government to clearly tell the word that malicious hands of the Afghans` hostile countries and games, which are against the national interests of Afghanistan, are involved in such unusual peace talks without consultation with the Afghan government and that they prepare the ground for games and conspiracies against the national interests in the country.

The US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, James Dobbins came to Kabul yesterday after negotiations with the Qatari officials aimed at addressing the problems and controversies raised because of the opening of the Taleban`s office in Qatar. He talked with some relevant Afghan officials including President Hamed Karzai regarding peace. The president once again stressed in this meeting that Afghanistan demanded such a peace process that was led and owned by the Afghans by all means and that was not a tool for the foreigners` goals. Hamed Karzai added that Afghanistan wanted such a peace process that caused reinforcement of the system and national unity and protection of the achievements of the past decade in the county.

The Afghan and American presidents have already called peace talks the only way for everlasting peace and stability in Afghanistan. It is said that the aim of the US representative`s tour to Kabul is to talk about peace with the Taleban in Qatar as well as the Afghan-US security pact.

The Afghan government`s stance in this regard is so that it will neither send its representatives to Qatar for talks nor will it negotiate the security pact unless its demands were met.

For this reason, besides discussions with President Karzai, Dobbins also talked with the chairman and members of the High Peace Council.

Another major demand of the Afghan government is that the Taleban`s office in Qatar must only be used for peace talks and that the second stage of negotiations should be held in Kabul. The Taleban must not be allowed to tighten their relations with other anti-Afghan countries and malicious agencies. The Taleban must not be allowed to play against Afghanistan`s national interests and they must not be deceived by calamitous goals and shameless conspiracies of the anti-Afghan countries and malicious regional and international intelligence agencies in the peace talks.

Hewad, state run-daily in Dari/Pashto, published in Kabul, 25 June 13, p2

© 2013 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Afghan paper analyses prospects of talks with Taleban in Qatar
BBC Monitoring South Asia
June 27, 2013

Text of article: “Impossible knots and peace talks” by privately-owned Afghan daily newspaper Mandegar on 25 June

The High Peace Council has announced that it will soon send a delegation to Qatar to start peace talks.

The Taleban based at the Qatar office also seem to have agreed that instead of seeing the office closed, they should adapt to the situation and start negotiating in a way.

However, there are several issues, impossible knots, so to speak, related to peace talks with the Taleban. Unless these impossible knots are disentangled, peace talks are unlikely to produce the desired results in the country.

The first knot is the issue that the council of political parties and institutions in Afghanistan referred to during its meeting on Sunday. It announced that they support the peace process provided a cease-fire is first announced. This issue is certainly important for peace negotiations and until the warring parties choose the political solution over military solution and agree to a ceasefire, talks and negotiations will enter a deadlock. Peace talks assume meaning when warring parties have realized that the military option is not working and when they choose to negotiate and accept negotiations with all their attributes. Have the Taleban concluded that they will not win on the battlefield and must, therefore, negotiate instead? This question has not officially been answered by Taleban leaders yet, but the presence of Taleban representatives in Qatar may imply this. In practice, however, no signs of this can be seen as Taleban fighters continue to kill civilians.

The second impossible knot is the issue that the former intelligence chief, Amrollah Saleh, has raised. Based on his information, Saleh says that some of the persons claiming to be representing the Taleban in Qatar have had no contacts with Taleban leaders in the past 12 years and have only been sent to Doha by the Pakistani intelligence. This raises a serious question about how one can be certain that these individuals in Qatar are indeed representing the Taleban. Afghan authorities have bitter experiences from this as a number of individuals have previously contacted them claiming to be Taleban representatives. However, it has later become clear that they had no relations with the Taleban whatsoever. Everyone remembers the shopkeeper from Quetta who introduced himself as a Taleban representative, met President Karzai, secured a large amount of money from the presidential palace and then vanished from the surface of the earth as if no such person ever existed. It is a dangerous game being played by the Pakistani ISI, which keeps Taleban whereabouts secret to exploit them at the right time. It is still the same situation and the former intelligence chief`s comments can sound the alarm bell for peace talks lest the HPC delegation holds talks with and reaches agreements with people who are not Afghan at all. What guarantees exist that everyone in Qatar is a member of the Taleban? Do the Afghan government and the HPC know them? No credible institution has yet confirmed the identity of these persons as Taleban members and it is possible that the Pakistani intelligence agency will deceive our officials again. This time, however, the deceit will be so big that the HPC will not be able to even see what lies in front of it.

The third impossible knot is about the plan the HPC delegation is following in talks with the opposite party. Have Afghan authorities carefully assessed all aspects of the issue and do they know what they will gain and what they will lose at the negotiation table. Due to ideological closeness and sympathy with the Taleban, they may reach an understanding that might not conform to the current political process in the country and which the citizenry may not want. Let us see what the price of peace is. Will the price be the loss of legitimate freedoms of the people? Afghanistan today is not the Afghanistan that the Taleban ruled. We saw the degree to which Afghans value their freedoms and democracy when they reacted to the opening of Taleban office in Qatar. Democracy and human rights cannot be sacrificed for a peace which will mean captivity and slavery of the citizenry.

The fourth impossible knot is Taleban ideology and demands. The Taleban have tried to portray themselves as the dominant theme until today. By dominant theme, I mean that Taleban ideology is presented as the ideology of the Afghan society as if the Taleban are representing the people of Afghanistan. Such a perception of the current situation will result in the loss of the gains made so far, something that the people of Afghanistan do not want to happen. At best, the Taleban can present themselves as a political group and organize their legitimate political activities within this framework. The Taleban must know that they are not the dominant theme in the Afghan society and they never were. It was the situation at that time that made it possible for them and their regional allies to suffer from this illusion. The Taleban can find themselves a place with their political thoughts. But if no place existed for them, they must accept the fact that change has happened in the country.

Source: Mandegar in Dari 25 Jun 13

© 2013 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Hoisting Taleban flag in Doha shows `externals factors` oppose peace
BBC Monitoring South Asia
June 27, 2013

Text of editorial in Dari headlined “Arrow of enemy missed” published by Anis daily on 24 June

It is more than three decades since Afghanistan suffers the effects of the long war. The Afghan government has launched remarkable efforts to resolve the country`s crisis over the past 11 years. The government has established the High Peace Council to raise the voice of the Afghan people who demand peace and to ask the armed opposition groups stop the war and jointly work on reconstruction of their country.

On the other hand, the armed oppositions have always responded to people`s demands with launching suicide attacks and explosions. This proves the armed oppositions` dependence on external circles and regional spy agencies; otherwise who can justify decapitating innocent people, closing schools, killing religious figures and attacking mosques?

Apart from that, people were hoping that Taleban`s office in Qatar would be an address to accelerate the peace and negotiation process, however hoisting the Taleban`s flag on top of the building in Qatar proved once again that there are other external factors which oppose bringing about peace and ending the war in Afghanistan.

Head of the High Peace Council has many times warned about interference of external circles to disrupt the peace process. Concerning the inauguration of the Taleban`s office in Qatar, head of the High Peace Council said it was proved in the beginning of opening this office that it has been opened to talk about continuation of violence, instead of holding negotiations. He added it proved that destructive and parallel efforts have been introduced, instead of peace efforts.

As a result, the way of opening Taleban`s office in Qatar provoked national reactions. Political experts view opening of this office as against international laws and say Afghanistan cannot have two offices [embassies] representing it in a foreign country at the same time.

Finally, the Afghan people`s and government`s stance was successful and arrow of the enemy missed. We hope that the armed oppositions realize this fact and no longer cause destruction of our country and oppressing our people. There is a hope that the armed oppositions follow political programmes and continue their opposition through legal and political means. This will help both the peace and development processes in the country.

Source: Anis, Herat, in Dari 0000 gmt 24 Jun 13

© 2013 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


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